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Open source projects of Achim Turan

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LXC (LibXConvolver)

LXC is an optimized cross platform open source library for fast convolution. The library implements a simple API, which can be used for real applications, prototyping or as a tutorial on how to use the included functions in order to develop more advanced applications.

asplib (Achim’s Signal Processing LIBrary)

This is my cross platform C/C++ signal processing library. At the moment it includes the following features:


It’s a framework and starting point for developing new audio add-ons for Kodi’s Audio DSP extension point. This framework is still extended and constantly improved while developing adsp.biquad.filters and also an adsp.xconvolver.


adsp.xconvolver is a convolution engine addon for Kodi’s audio processing system. It is based on LibXConvolver, adsp.template and asplib.


This project is another addon for Kodi’s audio processing system. At the moment it already contains a 10 band equalizer to adjust the frequency band levels.